5 Tips on Pairing Your Tiles

Tiles are one of the most versatile materials you can pick for your property whether it be for an indoor space or an outdoor space. There is no shortage of options for different designs or materials with tiles. From something simple to something ornate, a tiling project is highly convenient in terms of style choices. While there are a variety of designs that you can go for with your tiling project, there are certain points you will want to keep in mind, especially if you are interested in mixing different styles.

What To Remember With Pairing Tiles

When it comes to planning out a design for your tiling project, you do have the option to mix different tiles together. Though different tiles can be applied together and deliver a unique look, there is a limitation you will want to note and different points that can help determine the best ways to pair different tiles for your project:

Scale and Balance

One of the first things that you will want to keep in mind when deciding on pairing different tiles for your project is the size of the room and what size of tiles can be accommodated. If you end up using too many tile styles, patterns or textures, it can throw your room off balance. A good way to keep your room balanced with tiles is to keep to the same tile family. Size-wise, it is good to limit between two tile sizes.

Pair Plain and Patterned Tiles

Another good option for applying different styled tiles to your choice of room is to pair tiles with a plain tile alongside a tile with a pattern. This can bring a bold touch to your ensign without compromising the overall balance. A recommended option for this method is to stick with one pattern to pair with the plain tile.

Consider Contrast

This could be considered an expansion of the plain and patterned method where you can explore contrasting tile shapes and how they can bring a unique look to your tiling project. Contrasting shapes can also add a unique depth to the chosen space but always consider the scale of the room to see what works best.

Keep to a Colour Scheme

While you have the option to explore different shapes to pair together, this does always apply to the colour side of things. It is not to say that you will need to stick to one style of colour for your tiling project but rather keep to a certain aesthetic to prevent your design from dissolving into chaos. Exploring different shades of the same colour or keeping to a theme can still provide plenty of options for your tile selection.

Explore Texture Combinations

More than pairing different shapes, patterns, and colours together, you also have the option to explore different finishes and textures with your tiles. Different finishes can not only add extra protection to your tiles but also enhance their surfaces in different ways. From matte finishes to glossy finishes, juxtaposing different finishes and textures can also provide something different for your tiling project.

Why Consider Mackay Tiling To Help With Your Tiling

Given the different design options that come with tiling, you could either have the project done yourself or refer to a professional service group for a quality finish. One group that you can refer to is Mackay Tiling. Mackay Tiling offers a wide range of budget-friendly tiling options and can assure specialists that you can consult on the most fitting tyle techniques you can incorporate for your tiling project.


A variety of different styles can be applied with the right style for your choice of tiling project. Whether you are looking to shift your design with different tiles or create a bold new look, pairing differently coloured, styled, and even textured tiles can be done with different methods. From ensuring a balance for the space to exploring how shades of one colour can bring a different look to your choice of space. Knowing the right tips when pairing different tiles can open plenty of alternative design options.

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