Outdoor Tiling Services Mackay

Outdoor Tiling Services

Are you planning to transform your outdoor space with modern and durable outdoor tiles? We can definitely help you with that!

Outdoor tiles add beauty to your outdoor space. Your exterior space is the first thing that people will notice, and adding a well-installed outdoor tile gives them a lasting impression. 

Outdoor tiles are very different from indoor tiles. Compared to indoor tiles, they require more strength because outdoor tiles are always exposed to harsh elements and heavy foot traffic. Harsh elements and weather conditions can damage your tiles, that is why choosing the right material for your outdoor space is important.

Having a professional help you in installing outdoor tiles will give you durable and long-lasting tiles. We can help you out on your next outdoor tiling project! We provide high-quality tiling services in Mackay.

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Choosing the Best Outdoor Tile

Choosing an outdoor tile may seem easy – but it’s not! You need to consider a lot of things and you may need professional advice to help you in deciding.

First, you need to establish the purpose of the outdoor tiles to be installed. Is it for your driveway? A ceramic tile may not be the best material to use. Do you need tiles for your swimming pool area? You need a non-slip tile for that! Texture and slip resistance is also another factor you should consider because you want a surface that is safe enough to walk on.

You also need to consider the weather condition in your area. Some tiles can be damaged if exposed to extreme sunlight. Choose the right material that can resist harsh weather conditions. 

Outdoor tiles should also complement the style and design of your home. Another thing to consider is maintenance. How much time, money and effort are you willing to invest? If you don’t have time for regular maintenance, a low-maintenance material is perfect for you.


How We Install Outdoor Tiles

Installing outdoor tiles is not as easy as installing indoor tiles. Making one wrong decision can jeopardize your whole project! That is why we recommend that you hire an expert tiler to get quality outcomes.

Choosing the Best Flooring Material

Choosing the best material is the first important step. As we mentioned, you need to consider a lot of things before deciding on which material to use. If you’re still undecided, we can help you choose the right material. 

Preparing the Ground Surface

Outdoor tiles need a solid base. Levelling the ground is an important step to ensure a good foundation. A poor base can crack, break, and move the outdoor tiles after some time.

Layout Planning and Installing the Tiles

We will plan the layout carefully before we begin installing the tiles. Once a solid base has been established, we will install the tiles with proper adhesive to hold them tight!

Application of Grout Sealer

You need to apply the grout if there are expansion joints that you need to fill in. The last step is to apply the grout sealer for added protection.