Commercial Tiling Mackay

Commercial Tiling

Commercial tilings are designed to be durable, cost-efficient, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Properly installed and well-designed commercial tiles add value to your business. The ambience that your interior design creates will make a long-lasting first impression on your customers. 

Compared to residential tiles, commercial tires are more complicated to install. That’s why you need to consult and hire a tile expert with enough knowledge to be able to get the results that you’re looking for. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Tile

Before you decide on which material to use for your commercial space, you must take a look at the factors that will affect your decision. Our professional tilers will help you decide on the right material while considering your preferences and needs. 

Don’t Compromise Safety

Safety should always be on top of the list when choosing a material. If you settle for cheap and low-quality materials, you’re putting your staff and customers in danger. 

Likewise, choosing a material just because it’s aesthetically pleasing without considering the texture and slip resistance of the material will also put them in danger. An example is the terrazzo tiles – they are highly durable, but when it’s raining or snowing, it gets slippery. 

If your commercial space is always exposed to water, such as a resort or swimming pool, you need to look for anti-slip and water-resistant tiles.

Kind of Environment or Ambience You’re Trying To Create

The ambience in your commercial space gives a long-lasting impression to your customers. Creating a welcoming environment through your commercial tiling is another thing you should consider. 

Are you considering a sleek, modern, and clean look and atmosphere? The materials that fit best are commercial vinyl tiles or natural stone. 

Resistant to Heavy Weight and Foot Traffic

Public commercial areas like airport terminals, shopping malls, or school grounds need tiles that can combat heavy foot traffic. Not all materials can resist pressure and heavy traffic. Choosing the wrong material can damage your floorings and cause injuries or accidents.


Commercial tiles should be easy to maintain. You wouldn’t want to have regular intensive cleaning just to maintain your floorings, right? 

You should be aware of the cost of maintenance of a certain material before installing it. Materials like concrete are durable and last for years even with little or no maintenance at all.

What Happens If Tiling is Damaged?

Due to wear and tear, some tiles are prone to getting cracks, dents, or stains. Exposure to direct sunlight or other harsh elements can also damage your commercial tilings. If this would be the case, choosing a material that is easy to repair is the most ideal. You wouldn’t want to replace the entire tiles just because one area or portion was damaged.