Top 6 Tiles You Can Use for Your Outdoor Areas

Tiles are popularly used indoors but did you know that this surface option is also an excellent choice for outdoor areas such as patios and decks? Compared to the tiles used indoors, outdoor tiles are more long-lasting, stable and resilient to foot traffic and harsh elements.

There is a great variety of outdoor tiles offered in Mackay. At Mackay Tiling, we offer aesthetically pleasing and robust tile materials that are suitable for your outdoor areas. So, if you are checking out the best surface material for your deck or patio, here are the top six outdoor tiles we recommend.

Ceramic Tiles

This type of tile is not as sturdy as the others, but it can still be a good option for covered patios or decks situated in areas that do not experience extreme weather changes. Since ceramic tiles are very affordable and come in various colours and styles, some still opt to use them for their outdoor areas. Just remember that you should pick a ceramic tile with a high PEI rating, so it is sturdy enough for outdoor use.

Porcelain Tiles

Although porcelain tiles are popularly used for bathroom floorings, you can still scour for porcelain tiles that are meant for outdoor use. It is a clay-based tile that is hard-wearing, fade-resistant and non-porous, so you can definitely use it for your hardscape areas. This type of tile will not crack under extreme weather conditions compared to stone tiles because it is baked in scorching hot kilns. However, it might be best to opt for a matte or textured finish when using porcelain tiles. Choose the one with a high slip-resistance grade, especially if you plan to use it for your pool deck.

Since porcelain tiles are highly resistant to water, maintaining them is also easy. You just have to sweep and clean its surface with soapy water occasionally. Besides that, it is also a great option if you want to achieve the appearance of more expensive tile alternatives like natural stone tiles.

Concrete Tiles

When you need a budget-friendly surface option for your outdoor areas, concrete tiles can be your go-to choice. It is very stable and can handle daily wear and tear as well as heavy foot traffic. Since concrete can be moulded into various shapes and designs, you can mimic the look of granite, travertine, limestone and other natural stone tiles. However, concrete tiles need to be properly sealed so they can resist water, stain and mildew.

Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are created from a very dense type of unglazed clay, so it is very sturdy and long-lasting. It is an excellent paving material for courtyards and patios. However, compared to other tile materials, it is only available in a limited range of colours, such as grey, red and brown. Its texture and resistance to water make them an ideal choice for outdoor areas.

Slate Tiles

If you want to have natural stone tiles in your outdoor area, slate tile is a great option you can consider. Since it is manufactured under high heat and pressure, it is strong and durable, just like porcelain tiles. Besides that, slate tiles are also highly resistant to water. The typical colours for slate tiles are dark grey and black, but it is also offered in green, orange and purple.

Travertine Tiles

If you wish to achieve a luxurious ambience for your outdoor space, you can try travertine tiles. This is also a type of natural stone tile that can be used outdoors. It can instantly give a new look to your patio or deck because of its rustic and sophisticated appeal. Travertine tiles are also a great alternative for pool decks because it remains cool even on a hot summer day.

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